Saturday, October 14, 2017

Week 7 Oct 9th-13th: Welcome to Autumn Work!

Blog Week 7:  Welcome to Autumn Work!

Hello Parents!

  During this four day week we saw some entry level works leave the classroom but many new autumn themed work enter.  The kids have this excitement growing inside of them ready to burst.  It is amazing!
  Also this week the class met “Bob” the big blue marble,  “Oliver” the small orange marble, “Steve” the smallest pink cube, and “Charlie” the thinnest rectangle prism in the broad stairs.  Bob, Oliver, Steve and Charlie are super small and cute.  They also tend to be adventurous.  If they happen to jump into a pocket or a lunchbox, please make sure they find their way back to the classroom!  Thank you!

Monday:  No school because of Native People’s day, aka “Columbus day,” aka “Go look at colorful leaves” day.  I hope everyone got their apples and pumpkins picked!

Tuesday:  We started the day off with Spanish groups.  The children are learning Spanish greetings, colors, and numbers 1-10.  After work time we held circle time and read Green is a Chile Pepper, a book of colors, by Roseanne Greenfield Thong.  This beautiful book not only reviews Spanish words but also illustrates with autumn themes some of the colorful customs of Hispanic communities.  During both morning and afternoon work cycles, there was a lot of new buzz around the new works, which required a lesson before use.  The pumpkin-marker work seems especially popular.  The giant sunflower seed work, flowers for arrangement, and ghost scoop had many visitors as well.  Even the Broad Stairs saw some new life as a marble transformed this visual sensorial activity into a sound activity.

Wednesday:  We started the day with morning circle, and read the book Many Moons,  by Remi Courgeon.  Everyone was reminded that the new works require lessons because some of the tools are tricky to use properly so that they don’t break.  New Practical life works include: Skulls and ghost sorting, pumpkin –bucket pouring work, orange bead stringing, and pompom candy corn twister.  Lessons on new works and some old works  (new to some students) were very popular today.  We also had music class with Mr. Wolfe, and sang “Down by the Bay.”   We have some very exciting news!  A big box of cultural works arrived and needed to be sorted between the lower elementary and the preschool.  This involved carrying and opening tons of little boxes.  Lots of permanent new works will start appearing on the shelves in the coming weeks, so I’m super excited!!!!

Thursday:  Circle time centered around the 30th day of school.  It is exciting to measure the day of the year with a physical representation because the children can really “see” the passage of time.  Work cycle was super productive today.  New works targeted the Math and cultural area: fall sequencing works, bead chain coding, and landform mat (part of the new cultural works).  Many children make great work choices today, either choosing challenging works for them, or trying a new extension of the work.  Sensorial works started seeing a new life, with the introduction of “Bob”, the big blue marble and “Oliver” the small orange marble.  The marble can transform a visual discrimination work into a visual -auditory work.  Language works were also explored and sound associations were explored and for the older children, spelling works continued.  We also had a life lesson taught today, as a child who didn’t have a lesson in a new work, explore the work and therefore break part of it.  Together as a class we talked about how it is respectful to the material to treat it kindly.  We stressed the importance to have a lesson either from a teacher or a peer lesson before using the works. 

Friday:  What a foggy morning!  We came in earlier than usual, to escape the morning fog and chilly weather.  At circle, we read a poem called “The Months,” by Sara Coleridge.  I’m going to try to read more poetry in class to reinforce rhyming of words and see if any of the children pick up on it (So shhhh!  Don’t tell them!).  Ms. Katie sadly was out today, but Ms. Stacey joined us and enjoyed reading and singing to small groups of children.   Today new works included Sensorial’s: the Pink Tower and the 4th Knobbed Cylinder and a Practical Life/Art work: tearing work.  The tearing work is challenging for the children because it requires a two hands opposition grasp and a lot of concentration and coordination.  However, rewards are immense: there are glue sticks involved and the child creates a mosaic piece.  Just be aware if a child brings home a “half finished” mosaic piece, the child did a huge amount of work just to create it.
The chill and fog burnt off so we went outside to enjoy midday recess.  There was also a new work waiting for us: raking leaves!  The children loved raking piles and running through them.  They also enjoyed finding the “perfect” leaf to show me and we talked about the botanical shape and the parts of the leaf.   We also did some sensorial work with size discrimination of leaves: organizing the leaves by size and shape. 

Important Dates to Remember:
Oct 25th- International day –(we’ll travel around the world and learn about countries)
Oct 31st- Halloween- (Reminder- no treats are to be sent in, but the children are allowed to wear a costume if they can be independent especially when using the bathroom)
Nov 1st- Open House

Thank you,

Ms. Becky