Monday, January 1, 2018

Week 16 Winter has come and thanks for a snow day!

Dear Parents,

Winter has come, and thanks for that snow day!  The children have been very excited this week between the countdown to Christmas, the arrival of some earlier Solstice holidays (Hanukkah and St. Lucia Day), and of course that lovely white ground cover that precipitated from the sky.  Our older students are working towards their daily goals while our younger students are exploring more popular classroom works and really taking the time to utilize them.

Monday: At morning circle we reviewed our class plan for the next two weeks, reminding the children about our singing goals for Community Meeting next Tuesday, our project goals for next week and the Solstice Celebration plans.  We practiced our Continent song (without help from teachers) and the kids set off for work cycle.  Popular works included Clock books, Stamp Game, Dreidel game, and Ornaments works. 

Tuesday:  A beautiful Snow Day!  I know I personally stayed home, cooked a bunch of foods and then went sledding with my Kids.  I hope everyone got to enjoy some aspect of the winter weather.  Happy first night of Hanukkah to those that celebrate!

Wednesday:  Happy St. Lucia Day and also happy second night of Hanukkah to those that celebrate.  We talked about these two celebrations across the world and then reviewed the countdown to the solstices. We read The Magic Dreidels: A Hanukkah Story by Eric Kimmel.  At Music Class with Mr. Wolfe, we got into the holiday spirit and with the beautiful snow on the ground we spent a good amount of time reviewing how to independently dress for the weather.  Other popular works of the day include the Bank Game, Ornament making, Stamp Game, Tracing books, 100 Board, pouring seeds works, and candy cane works

Thursday:  Happy third night of Hanukkah.  At circle today we continued our cultural lessons on Solstice celebrations.  We read The Runaway Latke, by Leslie Kimmel.  Because of Tuesday’s snow day, we had make up Spanish Class with Sra. Rosa.  Much of today’s work focused on preparing for Community meeting either by practicing the songs or creating push pin maps or working on our special projects. 

Friday:  Happy fourth night of Hanukkah. We read Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins, by Eric Kimmel (The kids really enjoyed the goblins part).  We reviewed the countdown to the Solstice and that there is only two school days left to Community meeting.  Again much of today’s work focused on the Community meeting works or the special Solstice projects.  Other popular works include watercoloring painting, metal insets, Stamp Game, and Skip Counting. 

Have a safe weekend!  Please remember our important dates:
Tuesday- Community Meeting
Wednesday- (snow date for the solstice party- look to email if the weather look questionable)
Thursday- Solstice Party (Pajama Day!)
Friday – Holiday break begins- No school till Jan 2nd.

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