Monday, January 8, 2018

Week 18: Happy New Year!

Week 18: Happy New Year!

Dear Parents,

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a restful break. School started up on Tuesday this week, as Monday was the first in the new year.  The children were excited to share their adventures over the break.  This week our class lessons focus on the calendar and its relation to the Earth's tilt.  This also allows us to talk about Antarctica, which is celebrating summer with days with no sunsets.

Monday:  Today is the first of the New Year.  I spent it lesson planning and  making a few works we'll see later in the month.

Tuesday:  Today is the first day back from the long break.  I missed everyone so much!  At morning circle we talked about the Earth's tilt on its axis and how that creates the seasons.  We also reviewed the the winter solstice means that its the longest night.  We then talked about how in the North hemisphere, that creates winter but the summer hemisphere is tilting away from the sun, thus has summer.  We then began talking about Antarctica, our next continent of interest.  There are several works out that explore Arctic and Antarctic life, which the children enjoyed finding on the shelves.  Sra. Rosa came to have Spanish Class today, and we are studying words about farm animals.

Wednesday:  We began morning circle reviewing the calendar and the date.  We stressed that when December ends, despite being the 12 month, January begins because time doesn't stop.   We had a long morning work cycle, working right through mid day recess, since it was too cold to go outside).  However at the end of the day it was just about 20 degrees and we practice getting our snow gear on and went out to play.

Thursday: Snow day!   I spent the day shoveling and teaching my small children to shovel and brush off the car.  How about you?

Friday:  Today is super cold and slippery outside, but we have our warm open school.  Based on each family's weather needs, children were dropped off when they felt they could safely get to school.  At morning circle we talked about our amphibian: frogs and their life cycle.  We read Frogs, by Gail Gibbons.  There's a new work on the shelf that matches frog figures to the life cycle card set, which explore spawn, tadpole, tadpole with legs, tadpole without gills, and adult frog.  Work cycle was humming with activity, so much that we work through midday recess and dismissed directly into pizza Friday's lunch. Popular works included Stamp Game, Grammar: nouns, skip counting, Arctic beginning sounds animals, Name tag tracing, painting, and Parts of a Frog.

Until next week!
Ms Becky and Preschool Staff.

Important dates to remember:
Jan 10th- Make up Spelling Bee.
Jan 17th- 6:30 Family Night -where you can come in and the children can demonstrate what they are learning.
Jan 31st- Open House
Feb 26th- March 2nd: Winter Break.

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