Friday, June 8, 2018

Week 37: Last week and Goodbyes!

Week 37: Last Week and Goodbyes!

Week 36: Move Up Day and Almost Summer!

Hello Parents!

Its been a great week and an awesome year.  I'm so glad I was able to meet all these young minds!  I'm so sad to see the school year end but its been exciting to watch them grow this past year.  This week, we are focusing on finishing up big works and preparing for the K graduation.  Much of our time has been spent on food preparation works and cleaning projects.  We are all very excited about the last day of school and the big party!

Monday-  At morning circle we reviewed the date and calendar.  We had a donation from M*** of clay so that is a new work, on which we gave a quick lesson.  We also talked about the food prep work and cleaning goals that the class had for the day.  We squeezed lemons; we made homemade fruit jello; and we balled watermelon.  It was very messy and exciting.  It was super rainy in the morning so we worked through midday recess, but in the afternoon when it stopped raining hard we hard extra long afternoon recess.  Very need after all that hard work in the classroom!

Tuesday-  At morning circle we reviewed the date and calendar.  We took a moment to notice the shear size of our counting system.  172 days have passed since the first day of school, and the stick pile is now very large at the physical representation of this.  We tried to remember back to the first day of school and share a story about it.  Some of us were scared to meet new people.  Some of us were excited to get a special treat for going to school for their first time.  Some of us couldn't remember it was so long ago!  We have grown a lot as a class since then and now it was time to prepare for graduation. Today food preparation activity would include cantaloupe balling and cucumber cutting. Other popular works included finishing up old projects in the work drawers or maps in the map basket.

Wednesday-  We again review date and calendar and talked about how far we have come from the beginning of the year.  Some friends shared their favorite works or their favorite memories from the school year.  Then we talked about the remaining food prep work (boy it really adds up when we throw a party!).  Today's popular works included veggie and cheese spears, more jello making, honey melon balling, misc fruit rinsing, and cleaning the classroom.  Some friends also worked on last minutes projects as we went through the work drawers and sent works home. 

Thursday-  Its the day we have all been waiting for: Kindergarten Graduation! We played outside as some of the teachers set up.  Graduation went well and we said goodbye to our eight graduates who will go onto First Grade next year.  Then we ate our yummy party foods and played outside all day.  We did some outdoor works such as washing chairs, but mostly we use the opportunity to play with our friends before summer.

It has been a wonderful year and I'm going to miss all these little faces!  Give everyone big pushes for me!

Ms. Becky and the Preschool staff!

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