Friday, June 1, 2018

Week 37: Move Up Day and Almost Summer!

Week 37:  Move Up Day and Almost Summer!

Week 36: Insect Investigation

Dear Parents,

Just a remind that next week the Kindergartner Graduation is June 7th at 9 am.  There will be a short ceremony and then refreshments that the child had prepared afterwards.  Please let us know if you can join us.

This week we are busy finishing works in our work drawers and connecting loose ends.  Many old works have seen new life this week, as the children challenge themselves to clean out unfinished works.  We also had "Move Up" day on Wednesday, which was super exciting for our K students to visit the Lower Elementary class and fun for some of our entering preschoolers to get a taste of their first school experience.

Monday-  No school for Memorial Day!

Tuesday- At morning circle we reviewed the date and calendar highlighting the important events this week and next.  We also began the countdown to the K graduation.  Also today we had our second to last Spanish class with Sra. Rosa, where we reviewed fruits and the months of the year.  Popular works today included stamp game addition, bead multiplication, free drawing, silent reading, lacing, pouring, parts of animals, and parts of plants.  At the end of the day we read Mud, by Wendy Lewison.

Wednesday-  Today is Move Up Day.  Our K students got to spent an exciting day upstairs in the Lower Elementary class.  It was so sad to see them leave the class, but refreshing to see them so happy in their new environment for next year.  It also made us realize how far we have grown as a class.  Our little three year olds aren't so little anymore and our four year old are now showing off their leadership skills.  It was refreshing.  We also had our second to last music class today with Mr. Wolfe.  We sang songs with him on his guitar inside and then did movement and dance outside in the beautiful weather.  Popular works today were a combination of teaching some of our new visitors many practical life skills, parts of the animals and plants were very popular choices, as well at stamp game addition.  At the end of the day we read An Island in the Sun, by Stella Blackstone.

Thursday- We welcomed our Kindergarten class back and reviewed the date and calendar at morning circle.  In lieu of daily goals, I challenged everyone to choose a challenging work, a work from their work drawer and a fun work.  Popular works were Parts of Books, Stamp Game Addition and subtraction, bead multiplication, sound box, pouring works, land forms, tying works, painting works, a geometric solids.  At the end of the day we read Fish is Fish, by Leo Lionni.

Friday-  Today is the first day of June.  We reviewed the date and calendar at morning circle and had a quick lesson on the external parts of a horse.  A student I*** shared with us some of her horse's mane and hay and we discussed what the mane is used for and what horses eat.  Popular works today were letter writing, Stamp Game addition, geometric solids, coffee grinding, sound box, land forms, pouring works, spelling and parts of booklets.  At the end of the day we read Rooster's Off To See The World, by Eric Carle.

Thanks for another great week!
Ms. Becky and the Preschool Staff

Important Dates:
June 1st:   Talent show (6:00 tonight)
June 7th:   Preschool Graduation (9 am) and last day of preschool
June 11th: First day of Summer Camp Program.

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